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Welcome to La Quincaillerie, the essential address for all lovers of design, elegance and quality. Since 1958, we've been dedicated to carefully selecting exceptional products for the world of furniture, doors and bathrooms. You'll find

The art of high-end hardware

At La Quincaillerie, we celebrate the art of high-end hardware. Each product we offer is meticulously chosen for its exceptional quality, refined design, history or associated craftsmanship. We're proud to offer you an incomparable selection of door handles, door stops, furniture handles, furniture knobs, inserts, bracket handles, coat hooks, bathroom accessories, latches and cable grommets.

Tradition and Innovation for over 60 Years

Since our foundation in 1958, we have been committed to combining tradition and innovation. Our longevity in the industry is testament to our passion for excellence and our commitment to our customers. La Quincaillerie has become an undisputed benchmark, recognized by architects and decorators as well as discerning design enthusiasts.

Our products aren't just functional, they're a true style statement.

Three Boutiques in Paris, Three Universes to Explore

You can discover our interior door handles, dressing room knobs and kitchen cabinet handles, as well as our selection of bathroom wall hooks, in one of our three Paris boutiques on boulevard Saint Germain. Let yourself be inspired by our carefully curated displays and benefit from personalized advice from our passionate experts. 

Our Selection

La Quincaillerie is the story of two people who are passionate about contemporary design and the accessories that complete and enhance your interior decor: furniture handles, furniture knobs, door handles, window handlesdoor stops, wall hooks and bathroom accessories.

Door handles

At La Quincaillerie, we're undeniable experts in both interior and exterior door handles since 1958. Come and visit us, or browse our site, and immerse yourself in the refined world of our meticulous selection, combining the timeless elegance of our iconic door handles with the uniqueness of more confidential models, often impossible to find elsewhere, to suit every taste. At La Quincaillerie, we work exclusively with renowned manufacturers and/or those with authentic know-how. Each door handle, recessed door handle or door knob is the fruit of meticulous expertise, embodying quality and durability.

Discover the infinite range of our finishes, allowing you to shape your interior to your most precise preferences(black door handles, unglazed polished brass door handles, antique porcelain door knobs, marble door handles, wooden door handles...). From classic shades to contemporary innovations, our range offers an unrivalled palette to sublimate every detail of your space and match your decor. Browse our exceptional collection, explore the history of each piece and find the perfect aesthetic for your door. Because with us, the door handle is not just functional, it's the object you touch every day that expresses your world.

Furniture handles and knobs

La Quincaillerie has become your exclusive destination to sublimate your furniture with our meticulous selection of furniture knobs, furniture handles, and slice inserts. Since 1958, we've elevated the art of furnishing by offering an incomparable diversity of styles, materials and shapes. Explore our vast range, where warm wood furniture handles, elegant brass knobs , sophisticated stone, delicate porcelain or robust iron intermingle to create a harmonious visual symphony.

Our knobs and furniture handles are designed to transform every room in your home, from the kitchen to the dressing room, from the bedside cabinet to the chest of drawers. At La Quincaillerie, every detail counts, and our experts make sure you find the perfect touch to complete your decorative universe, whether it's for kitchen cabinet handles where functionality comes first, dressing room knobs where refinement is essential, or on your bedside cabinet and chest of drawers where design meets practicality. Browse our collection and let yourself be seduced by an incomparable, carefully selected range.

Pegs and accessories

At La Quincaillerie, we carry a carefully selected range of coat hooks, bathroom accessories and hardware complements. Since 1958, we've strived to define the very essence of style and practicality in every room of your home. Explore our unique collection of wall hooks, designed to merge harmoniously with your décor, offering the perfect balance between aesthetics and utility in your space. 

Our bathroom accessories combine sophistication and functionality, transforming this essential space into a design experience. But our commitment doesn't stop there. Discover our selection of hardware complements, from grommets to latches, each carefully chosen for its impeccable design and durability. At La Quincaillerie, we understand that it's often the little details that make all the difference, which is why our range of hardware complements is designed to add the perfect finishing touch to your project. To browse our collection is to plunge into a world where style and function come together. 

We work as much with decorating enthusiasts as we do with interior design professionals (architects, fitters, carpenters, etc.), and we ship to wherever you want to install your products (France and abroad).

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