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Guilloché is a technique for decorative engraving obtained by way of specialised machinery that, operated manually, create a precise pattern, both elaborate and repetitive, onto the material of origin.Contrary to simple engraving, done by hand, which allows for more intricate, free and natural drawings, guilloché patterns are typically mechanised and repetitive. This allows for the creation of an infinity of patterns by changing the settings, and goes hand in hand with the technique employed by the machine operator, as well as their individual sense of aesthetic and their sensibility.The exact origin of the first guilloché machines is not known with certainty. They may have originated from Switzerland or have been created by a French engineer by the name of Guillot.The first known instance of such patterns can be found on watches that date back to 1624. It was only in 1786, however, that this technique truly entered the clock-making industry, when Abraham-Louis Bréguet began decorating his watches with guilloché patterns. The technique became exceedingly popular in the 19th century, thanks to Peter Carl Fabergé.

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Dimensions (L x P x H) 150 x 48 x 51 mm



Shiny chrome

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Door Handles

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Key rosettes L, Key rosettes Y, Locking Andrea Fine

Square supplied Yes