Madeleine Black Door Handle

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Almost thirty years ago, as time flies, Jasper Morrison, who was asked by the German company FSB for a new design, stretched out on his bed, looked at the bare light bulb hanging from his ceiling and drew a button “bulb”, available in door knob and furniture knob. I tell my life, again. In 2019 Inga Sempé drew the Madeleine, what was she thinking? I went to check her site, and here is what she said: “Madeleine is neither a cane nor a button handle, she is between the two. Flutes undulate its surface, but they are blunt to keep its volume soft in the hand like soap. “These models come with their keyhole rosettes, included in the price. There is a matching window handle .

Additional information

(L x P x H)
95 × 55 mm



Matte black

Optional accessory

Key rosettes L, Key rosettes Y, Locking


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