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Pair of Door Handles

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There are stars! The Catalan Jaime Hayon, pronounced by exaggerating the guttural sounds, I will show you how, drew the model “Zeppelin” in reference to the balloon of type rigid airship, German manufacture. It was built by the German Count Ferdinand von Zeppelin at the end of the 19th century. To express his uniqueness as a designer, Jaime chose seven colors: including an army green. I know from experience that this army green will never sell. But that is not the point. This door handle is very nice and it is in no way a gimmick. These models are delivered with their key entry rosettes, included in the price. There is a matching window handle.

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(L x P x H)
132 × 55 mm
Types de produit

Door Handles




Matte black, Matte black


Key Rosettes L, Key RosettesY, Convictions


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