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Door handles

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Guilloche is a decorative engraving technique carried out on specialized machines which, manually guided, generate a precise, very elaborate and repeating pattern on the base material, unlike simple engraving, made by hand, which allows drawings to be made. freer and more naturalistic, those made from guilloché machines are typically mechanized and repetitive. This then authorizes the creation of an infinite number of patterns by changing the parameters, and this goes hand in hand with the operator’s technique, but also with its aesthetic sense and its sensitivity. The exact origin of the first machines is not known with certainty. They could come from Switzerland or have been made by a French engineer, Monsieur Guillot. The first known example of watch cases with such patterns dates back to the year 1624. Its actual introduction into the watch industry dates back to 1786 when Abraham- Louis Bréguet began to decorate the dials and cases of his watches. The technique met with extraordinary popularity in the 19th century, thanks above all to the work of Peter Carl Fabergé.

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(L x P x H)
150 × 48 × 51 mm
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Door Handles




Matte nickel

Optional accessory

Key rosettes L, Key rosettes Y, Locking Alexis fine, Locking Andrea Fine


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