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Furniture Knobs & Handles

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Like a wide smile. I have realised that for some time, since my adolescence or perhaps a little before, I care deeply about the daily objects I surround myself with. Like my idol Achille Castiglioni. One day, I visited his architecture studio in Milan with his daughter. In a corner, on a coffee table, lay a wooden structure, representing a seaside house and created by a carpenter friend of his. And every time the maestro passed this beautiful object, that is several times a day, he stroked it and said “che bello.” On my part, I send an unspoken message to my friends, books, handles of course, lamps, photos, etc…

Additional information

Dimensions (L x P x H) 166 x 17.5 x 30 mm

Zamak, Zamak


Matte Gold

Type de produit

Furniture handles

Screws supplied Yes
All availables dimensions Grand modèle : 231 × 30 × 30 mm
Petit modèle : 166 × 17,5 × 30 mm

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