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Pair of Door Handles 00469

From: 285,00  Including tax

These door handles are:

  • Sold in pairs
  • Intended for interior doors of standard thickness (between 38mm and 40mm) and fitted with a recessed lock
  • Accompanied by key entry rosettes known as “Key L” (standard key for interior communication doors)
  • Intended for locks with 7mm square rods (French standard)

For any specific request (technical constraints, questions, additional accessories, etc.) you can contact us by email:


This model is called Euclid, a tribute to the Greek mathematician about whom we know almost nothing. He is said to have been born 300 years before our era and, according to the historian of mathematics Peter Schreiber, “not a single sure fact is known”. On the other hand we know this crutch, homage by its mixed elements. And she is worth a look and has a nice grip.

Additional information

(L x P x H)
141 × 60 × 51 mm
Types de produit

Door Handles



Optional accessory

Key rosettes L, Key rosettes Y, Locking Anais Fine ø 51


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