We have collected your most frequently asked questions here. Those that you ask us both in our three showrooms in Paris and those that reach us via our website.

Do not hesitate to ask us all the questions you want. We will respond as soon as possible.

Delivery & Collection in store

Colissimo home address

€0 to €100: €9.50 incl. VAT delivery charges will be applied.
€100.01 to €200: €14 incl. VAT delivery charges will be applied.
Above 200.01 €, delivery costs are offered to you.

Colissimo relay point

€0 to €100: €7.50 incl. VAT delivery charges will be applied.
€100.01 to €200: €12 incl. VAT delivery charges will be applied.
Above 200.01 €, delivery costs are offered to you.

Pick up in store

When your order is available, an email will be sent to the address given when you placed your order. This email will contain the address where you can pick up your order.
– For any order concerning the universe of door handles, you will have to go to 3 Boulevard Saint Germain, 75005 Paris.
– For any order concerning the world of furniture handles and knobs, you must go to 4 Boulevard Saint Germain, 75005 Paris.
– For any order concerning the world of the bathroom and accessories, you will have to go to 7 Boulevard Saint Germain, 75005 Paris.
Don’t forget your order form when you go to the store, it will have to be presented in order to be able to withdraw your order.

Stock & lead times

1. Are the stocks and lead times announced on the website identical to those in stores?

The stocks of the e-commerce site are different from the stocks in the shop.

Nevertheless, the teams work together. In other words, if the product is in stock in the store, we immediately complete your order so that it reaches you as quickly as possible.

Door Handles

1. What type of door handle to choose?

A suitable door handle is a handle that works on your door, and not all handles can work on all doors.
You can then focus on choosing the design, but you must first determine which type of handle is suitable for your doors.

For this, only one question to ask: What is the type of lock on my door?

Two options:
– You have a lock embedded in the door (most often recent doors): You can put: a door handle with or without rosette, with or without key hole, with or without plate, etc… you can choose all the models of door handles on our site except “door knobs” which are intended for surface locks.

– You have a wall-mounted lock (old door most often with a non-embedded metal box that contains the lock mechanism): You can only install “door knobs”.

You still have a doubt?
Write to us at info@laquincaillerie.com with a photo of your door, we will tell you which models are suitable for your needs.

2. Will the products you offer work on my doors?

We take care to adapt the models and designs we select to French technical standards which are different from other European countries. Thus, you will have a product that will adapt to French technical standards and especially to your doors.

3. What is a rosette of handles?

A handle corresponds to the round or square at the base of the handle. It is, at times, simply aesthetic. It covers the entry hole of the handle which is quite large on a door.

Nowadays, they contain a spring. The spring is a part which is fixed on the door and which allows the handle to go up during the action.

4. What is a key rosette?

A key rosette is a cover that is fixed on the door at the level of the keyway.

There are two types of keys:
– L Key : often used on interior doors.
– Y key or European barrel: often used on front doors or other more secure doors.

5. What is a conviction?

This is the lock that you turn from right to left to close a door in a room.
Most often it is placed in toilets and bathrooms.

6. How to choose a door stopper?

The only thing to consider is whether you need a floor door stopper or a wall door stopper.

When do you need a wall door stopper?
If you have underfloor heating so as not to damage the underfloor heating with the fixing screw

What size to choose for a wall door stopper?
The depth of the handle will allow you to know the size of stop to give. If the depth of the handle is 5cm, it will be necessary to give a stop of 6cm. Add 1cm each time for the stopper to be useful.

In all other cases, you can choose a floor door stopper.

Grip maintenance

1. Unvarnished polished brass

Unvarnished polished brass is a material that acquires a patina over time. To obtain the perfect patina, a simple cleaning is enough. Our teams advise you to soak a cloth with a little water and a little soap. Once cleaned, remember to wipe the object to keep it dry.

2. Varnished polished brass

This finish is obtained by applying a varnish to the natural brass after polishing. We advise you to soak the object in lukewarm water (not soapy), wipe it well to keep the shine. From time to time, you can apply a mirror stroke to revive the shine of the object.

3. Chrome/ polished nickel

Our teams advise you to apply a soft cloth soaked in soapy water on the surface. Once cleaned, do not forget to wipe the object.

4. Chrome / matte nickel

To clean these finishes, simply wipe the surface with a soft, dry cloth. Above all, do not pass any liquid and corrosive product on it, these actions will allow you to keep the object like new.

5. Other coatings

The handles are most often subjected to a specific treatment to obtain a certain shade. Immersed in baths at different temperatures and several times, we manage to obtain a unique finish for all tastes.
To prevent the deterioration of your handles, our teams advise you to lightly soak a sponge. Once the sponge has passed over the handles, take a dry and soft cloth for an optimal result.