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Window handle L Sector Chrome

113,80  INCL. VAT

The centre distance (distance between the two fixing screws) is 43 mm. This window handle is sold with its 7mm thick square.

La Quincaillerie is keen to offer you a diversity of products to dress up your interiors, our range of door handles consists of a multitude of finishes, materials and styles for everyone's taste.

Estimated lead time 5 week(s).

71 × 32 × 152 mm
Estimated lead time 5 week(s)
113,80  INCL. VAT
Dimensions (W x D x H) 71 × 32 × 152 mm

High-sheen chrome



Product type

Window handles L


Many door handles are also available as window handles. These work with recent windows, where the cremone bolt must be flush-mounted and invisible. The rosette still has the same characteristics, in France: 2 screws 43 mm apart and a 7 mm thick square. The screws are hidden. For reasons of budget, time and space on our panels, we don't show all the colors of our window handles, but you should know that as soon as a door handle exists in one color, its counterpart in a window handle also exists. This model comes with a child safety button that prevents children from opening windows.

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